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Roof Cleaning Walton on Thames KT12

Our Walton on Thames roof cleaning service have been providing all Walton on Thames residents with a professional roof cleaning service for over 12 years.

There are many different methods to roof cleaning, we will check the material of your roof tiles and the general condition of your roof and then establish what option would be best.

Its not always a good idea to pressure wash a roof, whilst the results look fantastic it can come at a cost, if you have damaged roof tiles or some are loose the high pressure water can penetrate beneath them and damage your roofs underlay.                                                       We tend to pressure wash roof with larger tiles and slate tiles, with small clay tiles a wired brush is the better option and further more the results are just as good, we can also apply a special solution to hard access roofs and come and clean up the mess 2 days later.

All roofs will be treated with a special repellant upon completion to make sure your roof stays clean for as long as possible, ultimately making sure our Walton on Thames roof cleaning customers get excellent value for money.

You can get a free quote by phone or email within minutes, so don`t delay call our Walton on Thames roof cleaning service today.

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